We need some help

If you have watched or read anything at all over the past few years, especially this last year, you will know that
there is only one party you can possibly vote for.
Corbyn and Labour will be a complete disaster, the are extreme left wing and every time they have been in as
the government have borrowed by the £billion, not kept what they promised in their manifesto and have gone
out leaving the country with a massive debt. Just remember Gordon Brown any why we had to have an
austerity period. It will happen again if Corbyn gets in.
I certainly cant tell you who to vote for. But please dont take what you hear on the BBC as truth. research online using other search engines. Watch this video fully:
Agreed, no one can tell you which way to vote, the best they can do is say why they are voting a certain way.

Definitely don't take anything the BBC says as gospel.

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