Visiting The Grandkids


And me from Sweden
Of course its always nice to see the grand-kids but just 2 minutes from their house to the park and then 5 or six minutes to views like this is always nice.

That is nice but aren't grandkids supposed to visit you, there are lots of secret things in
grandmas house to discover and things that they can knock over and break :)


And me from Sweden
Very true Ben but we like to take turns. Those visiting us and us visiting them although this visit was because mam and dad were going to a 40 year olds party and staying overnight so we were looking after the children.
Well the red roofs sort of led me towards Italy. We are doing the Christmas Presents orders from my two 9 year olds. Would you believe they want a car seat for their dolls!!!!


And me from Sweden
Would you believe they want a car seat for their dolls!!!!
Yep that dos'nt suprise me. It was our grand sons birthday a few weeks ago and top of his wish list of presents was - - - - - Blue Cheese!
No, its not a joke, thats what he wanted!
Well I'm happy if the cost is'nt too great. We have to put a ceiling on how much we allocate so everyone is dealt fairly.
I think I'll leave Christmas alone for now - it'll soon be here.
Blue Cheese - are you sure he doesn't want it in a vehicle of some sort?
There is always something nice to eat at Grandmas house and the kids always found it and was given it even if I said no. My dad (bless him)
would poke his tongue out at me and say "here you go boys".

Such wonderful times.

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