Virginmedia SCAM/PHISING emails

Be aware that there is a phising email doing the rounds supposedly from VirginMedia. If you get one saying your payment has been declined, and to click on the "login" link to put it right.... DONT.. just delete the email
Anyone in their right mind would firstly take a look at their bank account to check. If anyone clicks on the link without doing that, then they deserve to be fleeced.
But it's common sense to check before you just pay out to a nobody you have never met or know nothing about. You don't need to know anything about tech to look at your bank statement.
I don't think 'deserve' is the correct term to use here.

Yes of course they should check before paying out again but these things don't always come to mind especially when you are older.
If the email looked real or worse was a genuine copy of the Virgin site then why be suspicious.
You're probably right there but it was sort of the first word that came to mind. Of course they don't 'deserve' to be defrauded but they should listen more carefully to the advice being rammed down our throats in adverts, tv programmes and newspapers.

I also don't think it is the banks responsibility when you voluntarily give away money, I don't see why people think the banks should reimburse them. If that became the norm then we would all do it within the family or our close friends and make easy money.
You probably chose the wrong word there smithers but I fully see where you are coming from. I'm not technical and can only switch on my laptop and do a couple of things but I don't think I would be conned into giving away any bank details no matter who asked for them.

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