US woman Kills boy claims diplomatic immunity

US diplomat's wife, 42, claims immunity and FLEES the UK after 'killing teenager in car crash
outside American spy base' - despite promising police she would remain in the country

  • Harry Dunn, 19, was killed in August near RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire
  • RAF base considered one of the most important bases run by America in Europe
  • Police confirmed that a 42-year-old woman under investigation has left country
  • The teenager's distraught parents said they are 'utterly broken inside and out'
  • His family received a letter of condolence from US Ambassador Woody Johnson

This is absolutely disgusting. They keep on with some shit about special relationship but the US doesn't give a damn for anyone except themselves.
They are knowingly harboring a criminal. She was advised to leave the country by the US Embassy.

So what sort of a fucking friend is that
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I run alongside every word there, She was told to claim diplomatic immunity and then given a ticket to leave the country.

So America supports and assists criminals and worse than that, they are complicit in a criminal activity.
They have the damned nerve to make speeches about other nations and then actually help a criminal to
evade prosecution.

That has put an end to how I thought of Americans.

I wonder if our Mayflower friends will have anything to say about it.
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I don't think this is going to stop here, there is going to be hell to play, This is on a par with Russia and
North Korea.
Surely the law abiding yanks will be ashamed, if not then they can stuff themselves.
I can honestly say that I never would have expected this from a so called democratic nation. Give her legal
assistance by all means but not sneak her out of the country and hide her away.


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I think this could be very damaging to our relationship. If she isn't sent back then I see no reason to talk
to the US again and certainly not negotiate trade.

How can one country treat another that it calls it's friend this way.
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This is extremely serious and I hope it gets sorted in an adult manner.
I can't really see how they can refuse to send her back but then they
always want people extradited to them but don't do it in return.

There must be a lot of criminals wandering free with the blessing of
the American Government over there.
I think it is the way it was done that makes it so shocking. To be advised by your embassy to claim diplomatic immunity and to leave the country is a really dirty trick. I'm not sure we can trust the Americans any longer.
I read today, that she isn't actually covered by the usual diplomatic immunity as per the Vienna convention. Her husband is NOT listed as a diplomat, but rather covered by an agreement made in 1994? which covers the US base she drove out of. It was to allow US spooks to operate here in the UK with fear of being collared. So why is she being protected? The US doesn't like their people being tried in anyone's courts but there own.
You've certainly hit the nail on the head there. They seem to love to meddle in everyone elses business but don't like it when they are questioned or challenged.
How bloody disgusting, that prat of a president Trump the Hump has said "it was an accident, accidents happen" and refuses to revoke her diplomatic immunity.

So the American president stands up for Killers after all we have done for them. Some fucking friend that is.

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