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It says "NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in the EU"
I'm afraid it is already dead and I post the feedback from Stirling Road Surgery to prove that point:

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Mayflower Medical Group - Stirling Road Surgery

The rudest worst service
by Anonymous - Posted on 25 November 2019

After queuing on the phone for over 30 mins the reception told me i can not have something that a doctor had done two weeks before then hung up on me

Extremely obstructive and rude
by Anonymous - Posted on 13 November 2019

Cannot make a routine appointment as website information deliberately misleading. Call between 0800-1800 to make an appointment up to 4 weeks in advance.

Obstructive staff will state this is not possible as they have no diary but if you call at 0800 the next day you may get lucky, but not after 0800. Completely unprofessional staff rude, obstructive and dismissive. Unfortunately no other surgery available for my post code. As a professional nurse I would be ashamed to work there.

by Ben Shearstone - Posted on 22 November 2019

Called on the 22/11/19 on hold for over 30 minutes. To be told the next available appointment was the 11/12/19. over two weeks waiting time is a joke. what kind of a surgery is this

by Anonymous - Posted on 10 October 2019

Filled in an e-consult and got a call back the following day to say they want to see me and they would call the next working day to arrange an appointment. No phone call so tried calling back the next afternoon to find the surgery closed?

Didnt get a text or email confirmation that others did. Called the next day and after half an hour was told to call at 8 to have any chance of an appointment. Called the next morning at 8 but failed to get through for half an hour and because of work i had to try again later.

Called later and no appointments for over a month at Stirling road! How are people supposed to get an appointment - been told on the phone that i need one and yet can't get one.

Poor service
by Anonymous - Posted on 19 September 2019

I needed a form signed by a practitioner. Not a large white up or any documents just a simple declaration that I am seeing a gp for a long term condition. 1st attempt- informed by office that gps or the practice did not undertake private work.

2nd attempt- informed by office gps or the practice did not undertake nhs work. Confused.... I am!!!

Usually give up trying to get through.
by Anonymous - Posted on 10 September 2019

Never get an answer in less than 20 minutes.Often cut off after 20 minutes wait.Took 30 mins last week to try to get flu jab appt.but unfortunately I am away when my practice at mount Gould are doing them.I am afraid since mayflower became involved the customer care has gone down the pan.

Feel sorry for staff at mount Gould who take the flack for caused by your problems.

The sad demise of Stirling Health surgery
by Anonymous - Posted on 01 November 2019

What a appallingly run surgery Stirling Road has become in these past few years and l should know as l have been going to the surgery for over 20 years.
The doctors and medical staff generally have always done a excellent job over those 20 years and l thank them dearly for that as they have always been kind , helpful and courteous to our family. l feel deeply sorry for them having to cope day to day with a failing system and the stresses it can put on them and their families.

The deep problems step from the top as that is where the many catastrophic decisions have been sadly made and now this surgery is paying for those ill thought out decisions now. First we had the decision to let Ocean Health to run the surgery and what a unmitigated disaster that was as it was nigh on impossible to get appointments the vast majority of the time and anybody who thinks Access Healthcare is a improvement it certainly is not as trying to book appointments online there have been basically no available appointments one can book online for weeks on end and when you try to phone the surgery to try to get one they have erected a maze like system which practically makes it impossible to get a appointment there as well.

What is the point of having a online booking system if one has a massive struggle to get a appointment as the system is a complete waste of time as it stands as its just there to push patients away from the surgery. So much for community based well funded healthcare as its becoming non existent.

l am like quite a few patients in that l have several serious long term chronic medical conditions so if l cannot get a appointment its very likely our health will deteriorate so l certainly will not hesitate on going up to A&E as l cannot afford to sit on my laurels like quite a few other patients who have the same long term chronic medical problems.

So much for the great NHS diktat of trying to drive people away from A&E and into more community based healthcare. The only problem with that is increasingly more of the community based healthcare is becoming increasingly hard to access. Ocean Health and Access Health were two big decisions which were made to the deep detriment of Stirling Road patients and if the people who made these decisions had any thought for their patients they should have had the integrity to tender their resignations by now but alas seeing it does not affect them personally they are unlikely to do that.

by Clinton Cox - Posted on 10 October 2019

My left ear became blocked at the beginning of a two week holiday so I put drops in every day. On my return Thurs 26th I went to the surgery. I was told to phone the next day. I got an appointment for Tues Oct.1st.

I was seen by a paramedic who inspected my ear and diagnosed an ear infection. I was prescribed ear drops for this which I applied regularly for the week. I returned to the surgery and was told to phone the next day. I got an appointment for the next week. I got a call next day telling me that the nurse appointed was not able to carry out ear syringes so I was rebooked on 9th Oct at Mt Gould primary care center.

I went expecting my ear to be syringed but the doctor just looked into my ear and told me to rebook. I was given another appointment at Earnesettle clinic., the next day, 10th Oct, great. however, 8.30 0n 10th received a call saying this slot was not enough time to syringe my ear!!! I have now to wait to 21st Oct to attend Trelawny health center in Ham drive to get my ear unblocked. What a performance. I feel for any person who could not get around as I still can. I am 71yrs old.

Not good
by Anonymous - Posted on 01 October 2019

Surgery as a whole is not a good service. GP standards are mixed. Always seem to rush you through without listening to you. Not a caring service by any means

Phone contact
by Jayne - Posted on 14 October 2019

Today 14.10.2019 I desperately need to contact my Dr's but its cutting my call off, so tried calling on my friend's phone and still can't get a response. I have a serious condition and NEED to get through. I am not happy and unsure what to do.

Mayflower Medical Group
by Claire Alexandra - Posted on 30 July 2019

I needed to make an appointment to have my medication reviewed. I was unable to make one at the surgery and told that I was to call Stirling ‘hub’. I spent 20 minutes sitting on hold without my call being answered.

When I next had a space in my working day I spent 30 minutes on hold experiencing the same. I was then told that I could not be seen for 3 weeks. The appointment with the GP raised the need for blood and stool test. I was advised to make a further appointment for these.

Once again the receptionist was unable to make this appointment and I was directed once more to the ‘hub’ where I sat in a holding queue for 35 minutes before having to return to work. I called again after work to find the line now closed. The following day I waited for 23minutes before my call was answered and an appt made.

I call a week later for my results and once again find myself waiting 37 minutes to speak to an advisor who is “not medically trained” and doesn’t know how to interpret or pronounce the results.

I am told to make another appointment to see the GP. I thought I would try the e-consultation service. I request email response. I receive no email. I receive no phone call. I receive a letter, quote “We tried to contact you by telephone today but there was no reply (please ensure your contact details are updated on your next visit).

Please contact the surgery to book an appointment requested by GP for a repeat blood test in 2 months.” Having made the appointment during my last call to the hub, I saw a GP where I was informed that the nurse who took my blood and stool sample had not registered the stool sample so it was ‘lost’.

I was informed that my blood had to be re-done due to an abnormally and I was to re-supply a stool sample. This time I was given a slip to make an appointment with the receptionist who was not able to make an appointment in the requested 6 weeks due to the dates not being released yet.

I am an educated, intelligent working professional with the sense to intuitively know what to do to get my needs met. Fortunately, I am hoping, my test results will show nothing serious and yet if they do what facilities do the Mayflower group have in place to expedite this whole process?

Have they considered the elderly, the mentally disadvantaged, the people with dementia where confusion is prevalent? How on earth will they be able to navigate this? What about the cost of sitting on hold for what was for me was over an hour each time before getting to speak to someone?

How about those people without headsets and the ability to do other tasks while waiting who have to sit in one place with a landline waiting for someone to answer? How about those of us who have 30mins lunchtime to make a call and are held on hold for the duration only to call back at the end of the working day to find the service closed?

Do Not refer me, as you have your previous reviewers, to the telephone service that is the problem in the first place!!

Improved and then became worse than ever, by far.
by Jacky - Posted on 18 July 2019

* You can't book an appointment while in the surgery without a "note" from the GP.

* When you call to book an appointment you get through to a call centre, not the surgery itself.

* It takes 20 minutes on a Tuesday afternoon just to get through to a person to then book the appointment.

* The wait for an appointment takes weeks, unless you want to have an econsult or triage phone appointment - I frequently work on Dartmoor out of phone signal area!

* Every single time you order repeat prescriptions, they get them wrong and miss something off, which is why I now photograph my repeat requests. I have to go back and forward between the pharmacy and in surgery while in pain and struggling to breathe.

* They never call if there's an issue or query with the repeat request so you are often very low or just out of meds by the collection date - and can't get to the pharmacy another day to collect without leaving work early and losing earnings! I'm on a low income so this just adds further stress.

* They've added way too many surgeries to the overall "company", which is actually a special measures group and not a partnership in the first place.

* As it's not a partnership and literally all the doctors are locums, there's no continuity of care. * No-one is listening to all these issues.

'You can't get an appointment for 4 weeks or longer'
by Anonymous - Posted on 08 July 2019

It has become practically impossible to get a doctors appointment weeks ahead with this surgery as you have to wait 20 to 30 minutes trying to get through on the phone and you have to undergo a maze of personal health questions when you do actually get through.

Trying to get a appointment online is even harder as looking on the Systemonline site there are no doctors appointments up to the 5th of August and it is the 8th of July today.

Why can't patients come in the surgery to make appointments anymore as again this is a deeply flawed policy that many patients are deeply unhappy about. So much for putting the patients health at the heart of the community when frankly it has become practically impossible increasingly to access thoses services.

l have multiple complex long term medical conditions myself and fell deeply saddened that the excellent doctors and medical staff at this surgery are becoming increasingly let down by a deeply failing primary care system.

Sadly those at the helm of this once superb surgery have made one flawed decision after another first when it became Ocean Health surgery and then when it became Access Heathcare as the question is will there be a surgery left after those at the helm have made one flawed decision after another??

Receptionists less than helpful
by Bimbo - Posted on 29 October 2019

Thought I would access my records online as I have done at previous surgeries but patient access to their records is unavailable at this practice - why!, my body and my records.

Any contact with reception is fruitless, they are less than helpful, I would even go as far as to say they obstruct any requests made. I really feel that my health needs are not a matter for concern and will actively seek a new surgery, wish me luck on that one!

Awful Surgery
by Anonymous - Posted on 30 May 2019

Unfortunately the service from this surgery is as bad as when Ocean Health ran it.Waited for a call back, regarding a prescription , and the call was curtailed before l could even answer.A voicemail was left , with no contact details, and when l eventually l found the phone number to ring, the surgery had closed.If anyone is listening please sort out this appalling surgery.

and on and on it goes page after page of the same thing - disgusting.
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