Steam Engines & British Engineering?

Now I'm throwing this out before a post a link to see what interest there would be for it.

Basically, ( BTW I'm only 54! ) I love the work and engineering that goes into things, especially steam trains... tho I'm NOT A SPOTTER!. I do drive,maintain and operate engineering trains for a living, and that's as much as I can stand.. but there are some really great, but old you tube videos that show the skill's this country once had in engineering. So If there's a potential audience, I'll post a few links.
I love quality, there have been quite a few programmes on tv of late not just nostalgic taking a ride but on the restoration as well.
Being an engineer myself I certainly like to see the fabulous engineering that went into
these wonderful machines, the precision was second to none.

I put a Youtube video of 'Steam trains at speed' to keep my grandson amused and he loved that, asked for it every time he came. Grown out of it now.

Not just the old stuff though, the Napier Deltic was a word first in design and ruled the railway waves, superb opposed piston design but more than that, it w3as 2 stroke so had no valves.

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