Sponge cake.

Serves 8.
75grm/2½oz plain flour
150grm/5oz self-raising flour
6 eggs
220grm/7oz caster sugar
160grm/5½oz strawberry jam (more if you require)
250ml/8floz cream, whipped
icing sugar, dust
1.preheat the oven to moderate 180oC/350oF Brush two deep 23cm (9inch)
round cake tins with melted butter put a round of baking paper in the bottom,
then lightly dust the sides of the tin with flour shake off any excess.

2.Sift the flour three times together, onto greaseproof paper or into a bowl.
Beat the eggs and the sugar in a bowl with an electric whisk for 7 minutes, or
until thick and pale. Using a metal spoon, fold in the flour. Spread evenly into
the tins and bake for 25 minutes, or until the sponge is lightly golden in colour,
and shrinks slightly from the side of the tin. Leave sponges in their tins for
5 minutes before turning onto a wire rack to cool.

4.Spread the jam evenly over one of the sponges, top with the whipped cream
and sandwich with the other sponge. dust the top with icing sugar.
Storage: This sponge is best eaten on the day it is made as it only contains a very
small amount of fat. However it can be frozen immediately after cooling, for up to
1 month. (this means you could cut in half eat half an freeze the other half, or eat
it all at once if you are anything like me).

Extra information:
If you look at the picture on the left there are 2 sponges, the one on the left in the picture,
is a fatless sponge, (I put them all together for the end picture) cooked exactly the same as the original.
4oz plain flour sieved
4oz caster sugar
4 eggs
Whisk the eggs and sugar together until light and fluffy, fold in the flour.
Bake in a prepared tin exactly the same as the above recipe. (no butter)!
No baking powder each egg raises its own weight in flour.

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