Poor Mental Health, the New "In Thing"

What is all this crap about, everyone seems to be suffering with mental health problems today.
In the past some of the 'must haves' were Roller Blades, Sony Walkman, Mini skirts, Drainpipe trousers and Rubik's Cubes, it seems
that todays 'in' thing is mental health problem.

What a load of crap, just man up and get on with life, people, especially teens, seem to be such wimps today. No wonder
they have been named 'Snowflakes'.


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This is so true, all we seem to see and hear on the news these days is about someone with a mental health problem
or how all the pupils at a school are suffering from mental health problems.

There is probably someone who will say we are some kind of racist or some other stupid thing for coming out with this.
This has crossed my mind. There is an awful lot of talk about this on every news programme
now. We never had this problem in the past, does this mean the population are using this as an excuse for doing wrong and not fitting in.

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