Plymouth (MA) crown VIC police car rebuild in Plymouth Devon

Funny isn't it how a car can be so attractive and get so much attention.
I never ever thought I would contribute to a car thread and say how nice :)


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I love this thread Flori and though I am "just a woman", there is something about this car that makes it so different from just run of the mill cars.
I don't think this one is for getting from a to b which makes it more exciting.

It's nice that I get an email when there is something new posted.
I really appreciate the kind words, thank you so much. Car is booked for the Mount Edgcumbe show in August, i'm in two minds to be in uniform for the event but please do let me know you have seen this post here, it would be great to put a face to a username. You all get a free blast of the siren!
I've followed this since the start and it is a wonderful tale of enthusiasm and dedication.
Well done to you James and I look forward to the completed car complete with it's flashing lights.

When/if you post some more pictures, I would love to see under the bonnet.
Hi all, sorry for the radio silence - Been very busy with a few things offline but finally getting round to catching up with loose ends. A lot has happened over the past few months, light bar has been fitted as well as the centre console being tidied up too.

I've launched a dedicated facebook page where you can follow mine and the cars journey with what we get up to around Plymouth and surrounding areas.

As well as launched my website too which will have things uploaded over time...


We've also been in the press recently too,
image (1).jpg

I've also visited Plymouth City Council with regards to Mayflower 400 and see what roles the car can play with regards to events next year.

I've also found out a school marching band from Plymouth MA will be visiting in November and I plan to visit them as a bit of a surprise seeing a home town cruiser a few thousand miles away ;-)

I'll keep you updated :)


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Thank you for the update, it truly is looking great. I would think the Council will be very interested
in having you display in very prominent positions for us and the visitors to enjoy
I think 2020 is going to be very busy for both Plymouth UK and Plymouth MA, well lets hope so anyway.

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