Plymouth (MA) crown VIC police car rebuild in Plymouth Devon


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That really is a shame. I think scumbag is too polite a word for them Amber. They areally are the scum of the earth
it's not as if there was a handbag (purse) and laptop on the backseat - shitbags.
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What can I say except to reiterate what has been said above. So sorry for you James, I hope it comes alright in the end
as I would really love to see this project finished and liveried in all it's splendour.
How heartbreaking to see the damage. Lets hope all the further work completes without any more problem with vandals.
Makes me ashamed to be associated with Plymouth, I always thought it was such a nice place to live and bring up kids.
Thank you Joan.

I’ve revised my completion time to end of July fully completed. I’ve now rebuilt the lightbar, I just need to add two LED units and it’s complete, ready for installing.... hopefully.
I would love to be able to do something like this, I can't even change the belt on the washing machine, well the wife wont let me try.
You are a lucky and very talented man James and I look forward to seeing the finished project.
I appreciate that Brian, thank you. Mostly self taught if I’m honest.

This is the lightbar in its current state until I’m finished...


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