Plymbridge - Tree Felling

Greetings all - am stormbound and currently home. Took my dog down to Plymbridge and noticed this tree - right by the bridge. At first I thought the National Trust had done what Plymouth City Council seem very good at "felling trees at the drop of a hat" but this one was well and truly done for and needed to be took down.
Hope everyone is keeping ok. IMG_2109.JPG





It certainly is nice to see you back again. I'm sure it wont be too long before the weather
changes and you can get out there and enjoy yourselves again.
Yep the tree was done for - but along the old railway track the N.Trust has started felling trees because they are all the same sort. They say another sort of tree will be planted in their place.
Well the weather is just too wet to do anything, one of my friends has just come back from a week away - they only had two dry days. Also the ground gets waterlogged and to be honest its not a nice experience to spend day after day with bad weather.
Ah, our elusive wanderer returns. Again, great pictures, that is a place I'm almost ashamed to admit I haven't visited in many a year.

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