Outlook Tip, How To Hide Unwanted Folders


And me from Sweden
Outlook along with Gmail love to install folders and I could tell you how to delete them but I wont! Hiding them is a much better option that way you can get them back should you want to.


So, how to hide a few unwanted folders and cleanup your Outlook client.
First you need to download MFCMAPI from this link. Make sure you download the version that matches your version of Outlook not Windows, by that I mean you may have 64 bit Windows but 32bit Office/Outlook so you would download the 32bit version of MFCMAPI
Unpack it and click on the app to launch it and click on OK on the first screen to get rid of the splash overlay.


Click on Session then Logon and a window with your profile will popup, if you have multiple profiles make sure your default profile is shown and click OK



Double click on your data file, if you have more than one email address it will be the with True next to it.


Click on Root Container or Root Mailbox (depends on your email type) at the top then on Top of Outlook Store or IPM_SUBTREE if its an Exchange account.


Now look down the list and click on Quick Step Settings folder then in the right hand pane right click on PR_ATTR_HIDDEN, PidTagAttributeHidden, ptagAttrHidden and choose Copy Property.


Now in the left hand pane look for the folder you want to hide and right click on it then select Paste, click OK then OK again and its hidden.
Right click on each of the folders you want to hide and paste the Copy Property into it.
Once you are done you can, if you have multiple emails, double click on the next and follow the instructions as above.

Confused or Questions? Ask below.
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Sorry Alan but there is nothing that even resembles Quick Step and mine looks different to yours
I don't seem to have the same left column as you.

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Nah, I've had a complete cleanout and deleted all the old downloads and tried other 64bit downloads
but still get that error message.
I don't understand the download page either, they are all the same date and version number just
different sizes so what's that all about.

I tried both the 2nd one down and the 6th.


Looks like I will have to give up and keep scrolling down on my email accounts.
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And me from Sweden
Well just to prove that I am not losing my marbles, well not all of them, I unstalled Office 32bit and downloaded and installed the 64bit version then downloaded MFCMAPI 64 bit (the first 64bit link) and everything ran smooth as silk so I am at a loss as to why it dosnt work on your system Ben, sorry.


And me from Sweden
Ok, I think I know the reason for your error (you know I dont like to give up :) ) Did you move the app MFCMAPI from your download location or the last place it opened correctly? If you did then move it back. With me I managed to get the same error by moving the app to my documents folder and eliminate the error by moving back to my desktop :)
Nah, I'm getting

Code: 0x80070006 == 0x80070006
Function RegCloseKey(m_hRootKey)
File AddIns.cpp
Line 235

As well as the error I posted earlier.

This will be a right PITA but I am going to download the latest ISO, sanitize the drive, install Office
(64bit) and try again without doing anything else to the pc.

I will take screenshots of all I do both during and after the install and show you.



And me from Sweden
It must be launched from the same location each time. Or that is what I believe as I managed to get the same errors by moving it to another partition/folder.
Is it worth you wiping the drive for?
I've done it now, sitting in front of a very fresh and very fast PC and it's wonderful.

I'm going to annoy you now - I don't think I will do the files in Outlook after all, It don't like me or my motherboard
or both - sorry Alan, you put a lot of work into that.

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