Latest Win 10 update

There have been a series of problematic updates for Windows recently, and now yet another one has popped up, this time affecting not only Windows 10, but also Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Server.

The KB4522016 cumulative update is interfering with printing. The update is causing issues with the printer spooler service, leading to print jobs failing or being canceled without user intervention.

If your having this problem simply create a .bat file with this in:
@echo off
net stop spooler
del %systemroot%\System32\spool\printers\* /Q
net start spooler

Run it with admin rights and bob's your uncle!
You shouldn't be having them problems now, the KB4522016 problem was a week ago and has been fixed.
You are right that MS have rushed out a patch to fix the printing problem ( although it didn't work on my fully updated rig ) but that patch in turn has caused problems with the start menu. MS software quality control has been pretty dire this last 12 months.
Are you on or have you tried the Fast ring Utukku ??
Can't say I have Bengie. As I use my main pc for work stuff, I cant afford for it to go wrong...mainly as I dont get the hours required to rebuild windows that often. But I'm going to look into it in a few minutes.
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And me from Sweden
Are you on or have you tried the Fast ring Utukku ??
The Insider Rings are working fine with no problems other than what Microsoft publish with each release at least on my system that is.
A lot of problems occur due to the fact to the fact that many users dont perform a full disk cleanup after upgrades thus having anything up to 30GB of wasted space and files that can corrupt drivers and apps etc.

My working method is to regularly make a full system backup in case of unexpected problems so that after a cleanup I am able to revert to an earlier pre-upgrade should I need to. Of course that is just my method and proberly dosnt suit many users.
Well, I have taken the plunge and enrolled in the fast ring.. All updated to latest version 1903 OS build 18999.1
So far 2 things have stopped working.
1. my Microsoft web cam.
2. my Start is Back program ( which I love ).
Disk cleaner tells me that if I remove the 30gb of system update files, I will not be able to restore the machine back to the previous version :-(.

Luckily I did a complete Acronis backup prior to going fast ring, and now doing another backup but into a different folder. So I reckon i'm covered.


And me from Sweden
Disk cleaner tells me that if I remove the 30gb of system update files, I will not be able to restore the machine back to the previous version
That is correct as it will remove any traces of a previous install. Thats why I have a scheduled backup system with AOMIE to cover any event of a bad release. Have you tried uninstalling Start is Back and reinstalling it?
As far as the web cam, that is an issue with many users and depending on the problem have a read of this which may fix it for you.
have just reinstalled start is back, and although it moans its not for this verion of windows, its working. Hopefully it still will be after a reboot or 2. Now going to try that AOMIE you mentioned. Seeing as it's free :)...
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So can I save a complete mirror inc OS to my external hard disk and then switch off my hard drive?
If required, can I sanitize my onboard hard drive (M.2) and reinstall so I'm back exactly
where I was when I did the save ?


And me from Sweden
Well when you are going through the install process you get the option to delete any partitions you want. So if you delete all the partitions on a C drive and install to that drive. Windows must format the drive first. Nothing will survive that, certainly not the malware of today anyway.
I know but I don't trust these things, people are getting more and more clever and as a
sanitize only takes about 30 seconds it's no hardship.
I treat all except the sanitize the same as a format which only deletes the index.
Bengie, you got millions of bitcoins hiding away or something?? There is only so much we can do to protect ourselves against malware/viruses.. Personally I run Bitdefender 2020, Superantispyware, as well as Malwarebytes. As for browsing, I use Firefox with adblocker origin, Privacy badger,ghostery and cookie auto delete, and facebook ring fenced against tracking. Full scans twice a day, now that should be pretty secure.. Formatting the drive every few days is pretty extreme IMO... and who has that sort of time on their hands??

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