It's now just 23 days

Friday the 29th will be the last leg of our historic #MarchToLeave. Having started in Sunderland 13 days earlier we will arrive in Parliament Square at 16:00 for a huge rally. This is your opportunity - right in the heart of Westminster - to show MPs that their attempts to undermine Brexit will not be forgotten. Make sure you don't miss it. Register here: Parliament Square MARCH TO LEAVE

In a piece for BrexitCentral, Grace Lievesley urges all Brexiteers to dust off their walking boots and come with her on the journey of a lifetime: Join the March to Leave and help show Westminster we mean business

As we traverse hills, fields, roads and rivers we will be marching through the constituents of many MPs who have played a pivotal role in the great Brexit betryal. Check out our route.

Make sure that you write and tell your MP that you will be joining us on the march. So many politicians are oblivious to the views of their constituents; they need to be told exactly how those they purport to represent are truly feeling. Given the crucial nature of next week's votes, it's vital that MPs get a flavour of what the country really wants - a no deal Brexit. You can also use our handy ready-to-use template telling them that WTO is the way to go!

Kind regards,
Richard Tice & John Longworth
Leave Means Leave

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