I want a KVM Switch?

Because I use a laptop at the same time as my desktop and hate having to go from one desktop
keyboard to the laptop keyboard, I would like to hook up my desktop Keyboard and Mouse.

They also connect a monitor. Am I correct in thinking I can just plug my keyboard and mouse into
the kvm and forget about the monitor and then with a press of a switch will be on one or the other of the computers?

Any recommends for a particular one?
The problem with software versions is this:


Everyone and everything want's to collect your data. There is a lot of things I don't mind like street cctv but I don't like things I do on my pc being collected. How do we
know they only collect those things.
I do internet banking and my pc collects what I do and I shouldn't have to use browser cleaners etc
Your ISP collects everything you do, it only takes one unscrupulous employee to sell all
these things and bang.

So why do they 'have' to collect anything, all I want to do is use one keyboard and mouse with two computers.
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