FaceBook Email

I have a facebook account and some friends on there and get notifications when they post something.
Lately these notifications have all been going in the spam bin despite me adding them to the safe senders list and them being in the whitelist of my security software,

This has only come about in the past few months so must be to do with something that Microsoft have changed.

It's really annoying, any idea how to stop this please ?


And me from Sweden
Facebook generates its own email address for its users, that could be one reason that Outlook is rejecting it. Log into FB and see what email it has generated for you then whitelist that address or change the email to your outlook/gmail and that should solve the problem.


And me from Sweden
Once you have logged in to FB click on the little down arrow as shown in the screenshot.


Click on Settings and you will see your contact info. Click on Edit and change the relevant info to whatever you want.


And me from Sweden
Have a read of this MS thread it may help. The only other suggestion I could make is assuming you have another email account, then change your FB contact email to it as a test to see if that goes into spam as well.

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