Exciting new attractions for Mayflower 400


New attractions and events revealed as start of Mayflower 400 year nears

Welcome to the official newsletter for the Mayflower 400 UK commemorations, bringing you the latest news and
updates ahead of the 400th anniversary of one of the most influential voyages in history.

The exciting 12-month programme begins across the Mayflower destinations in November and we've got plenty
of news to tell you about from the Pilgrim Roots region, where many of the influential Separatists who organised
the voyage originated from.

• A groundbreaking interactive Pilgrim Gallery will open in Retford, Nottinghamshire, in the heart of the
'Pilgrim Roots' region
• Previously unknown secrets of the Pilgrims and their fascinating connections to Boston, Lincolnshire, will be
revealed at a new exhibition
• £100,000 has been granted to Gainsborough, where the Separatists would clandestinely meet, to fund events
that explore the Pilgrims' legacy
• New research has revealed the origins of several passengers ahead of the anniversary year
• An artist from the Pilgrim Roots region has recreated the Atlantic crossing to complete a prestigious residency
at a US museum, creating an innovative sculpture for 2020

We'll be revealing more about the commemoration events across the Mayflower destinations in the coming weeks. The anniversary year begins with the highly anticipated series of Illuminate light festivals in November, a dazzling start to the global programme of events.

One of the new interactive exhibits​

New interactive exhibition reveals stories of the Pilgrims

A state of the art museum gallery that tells the stories of the Pilgrim leaders opens in September.

The interactive Pilgrims Gallery will open at Bassetlaw Museum in Retford, Nottinghamshire, giving visitors an opportunity to find out more about Pilgrim Leaders William Brewster, from nearby Scrooby, and William Bradford, from Austerfield, as well as the views of the Native Americans they first encountered in America.

The gallery will include a combination of high-tech digital elements, including augmented reality film and hands-on activities for children such as, block printing and writing with a quill and ink, echoing Brewster’s history of running a printing press in Leiden, where he fled with his family after leaving Nottinghamshire in 1608.

It will open on Thursday, September 19, ready for the Mayflower 400 anniversary year.

Secrets of the Pilgrims revealed in the very place they were locked up

New and exciting information about the Pilgrims and their connections to Boston and the influence that had on the future of America will be revealed at an innovative new exhibition.

Boston Guildhall, where the Pilgrims were once held after they were betrayed trying to flee England, will host the groundbreaking exhibits.

All will be revealed when the display opens at the Guildhall on Saturday, September 28 - with the exhibition promising to change the way Boston and the Pilgrim story is viewed.

The building still plays host to the cells where William Brewster, among others, was held and the courtroom where they were tried.

Historian Sue Allan (third from left) outside Scrooby Manor in Nottinghamshire​

Origins of Mayflower passengers revealed for first time

New research has revealed the origins of several Mayflower passengers ahead of the 400th anniversary of the ship’s historic sailing.

Researchers have discovered the original places several of the passengers came from before their dream of a new life across the Atlantic.

They include Dorothy Bradford, Elizabeth Barker and John Hooke - and shed new light on how the story of the Mayflower was born.

Sculptor and artist Rachel Carter​

Artist completes epic Atlantic crossing

A UK artist and sculptor has completed a prestigious residency at a US museum following an epic voyage across the Atlantic, reliving the historic Mayflower crossing of 1620.

Rachel Carter, from the East Midlands, completed the crossing on board a cargo ship which left from Liverpool Docks on August 8 and travelled via Scotland to Halifax CA where she caught a flight to Boston.

While on board the ship she created weavings, kept her own voice journals and read extracts from the diaries of William Bradford written during the original 1620 crossing.

She has now completed her Artist in Residency at the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum (PMPM), Massachusetts.

Her sculpture, which will be named ‘Pilgrim Woman’ will go on display in 2020.

Biggest Illuminate yet will start a year of creative events

A grant of £100,000 will fund a series of events in the historic Lincolnshire town of Gainsborough to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s historic voyage.

Gainsborough has a special connection to the Mayflower anniversary as the Separatist movement which organised the voyage originated in this region that led them on their journey to America.

The upcoming Illuminate event, taking place on 16 November, will open the anniversary year of the Mayflower Voyage in Gainsborough.

Thanks to the funding, 2019’s event will be the biggest yet, and will herald the start of a creative programme of events that explores the Pilgrims' legacy.