Dundee Cake

6oz/185grm currant
4oz/120grm dates, chopped
6oz/185grm seeded raisins, chopped
1oz/30grm glace cherries, quartered
2oz/60grm mixed peel
8oz/250grm plain flour
1 level teaspoon baking powder
6oz/185grm butter
4oz/120grm caster sugar
1 tablespoon clear honey
3 large eggs
3 tablespoons milk
rind of 1 lemon, finely grated
1oz/30grm almonds
Grease and line a 7-inch round cake tin with greased greaseproof
paper. Clean fruit (if necessary). Sift together flour and baking powder.

Cream fat, sugar and honey until pale and creamy. Add eggs one at a time,
beating well after each addition. Lightly fold in the flour, milk, prepared fruit
and lemon rind. Turn the mixture into the tin and arrange a ring of almonds
around the edge. Bake in a moderate oven for half an hour (325F/170C), then
in a very moderate oven for a further 1to1½ hours, covering the top of the cake
with greaseproof paper/foil if necessary, to prevent it going to brown.

Cool in the tin for 10 minutes before turning out on a wire tray.
Dundee Cakes 002.JPG

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