Desktop Shortcuts - The Easy Way


And me from Sweden
There are three types of desktop shortcuts and there are two types of users! Actually four types of shortcuts if you count drives but who wants a shortcut to a drive on their desktop?
The users is easy, those you like desktop shortcuts and those who dont. Its no big secret that I dont have any shortcuts on my desktop, I just dont like them but many users find them convienient (my wife included) so this tutorial is for those in the "I like shortcuts" bracket.

Now I say three types of shortcuts, the categories are Files/Folders, Applications and Websites, these are quick methods to create shortcuts for those categories.

With Firefox or Google Chrome just drag one of the icons on the left of the web address, either a lock or an i in a circle, onto the desktop to create a shortcut to that webpage.


Click on the Start flag and scroll through the apps or drag one of the tiles onto the desktop to create a shortcut.


Find the file or folder you want a shortcut for and hold down the Alt key then drag the file or folder onto your desktop and it will create a shortcut.


Try any of these methods and I think you will agree that they are not only fast but very simple to do.

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