City Council pays £750 for botched plumbing fix

A disabled woman was left without regular use of a toilet and shower for nine weeks when a bathroom refit went wrong in Plymouth.

The work carried out by a contractor on behalf of Plymouth City Council was so poor the bathroom flooded and a loose pipe sprayed hot water in a child’s face, the authority was told.

The toilet and shower were fitted incorrectly, the tiling was poor quality and an officer later described the work as one of the worst bathroom installations they had ever seen.
As a result of the case, the council removed the contractor from its list, paid the woman £500 compensation and changed the way it oversees work.

The Local Government Ombudsman, which oversees standards, carried out an investigation and upheld the woman’s complaint against the council.

It said the authority had agreed to pay the woman a further £250 for being without a bathroom for nine weeks and for a delay in handling her complaint.

The council said it had "worked hard to resolve the complainants issues and have reviewed our procedures to make sure this does not happen again".


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