Chrome 77 Is Due On 10th September, Here's Whats New


And me from Sweden
Here are a few snippets of what is coming:
Chrome 77 hits the stable channel on September 10, bringing easy customization to Chrome. Forget downloading themes: You can apply your favorite colors to Chrome’s browser toolbars with a few clicks from the New Tab page.
The Shortcuts section lets you choose which icons are displayed on the New Tab page: The ones you select or your most visited websites. You can also toggle “Hide shortcuts” to see no website shortcuts on this page at all.
The “Extended Validation” (EV) indicator is moving in Chrome. Currently, some websites have special Extended Validation certificates that Chrome and other browsers display differently. For example, when you go to, you’ll see a “PayPal, Inc.” text by the lock to the left of the site’s address in Chrome’s Omnibox.

In Chrome 77, these extra text is going away, and you’ll just see a lock icon. You can still see the company name the certificate was issued to, but you have to click the lock icon first.

Read the full article at How To Geek or Googles Chromium Blog
All very exciting but I don't customise, I just install it and use it the same with all browsers.

As you don't really see Chrome or your browser except when you launch it, why would you want to customise
the look.


And me from Sweden
Ohhh Ben, what can I say eh. I always customise my browser to look and feel how I want it. Now I must UN customise Firefox and take a screenshot to show you the difference.