Christmas Pudding (1906)


1lb finely chopped beef suet
1lb currants
1lb raisins (picked and stoned)
1lb sultanas
½lb finely shredded candied peel
½lb grated breadcrumbs
½lb demerara sugar
1 or 2 tablespoonfuls of mixed spice
¼lb sweet almonds blanched and grated to powder


Squeeze over this the juice of two oranges and one lemon, and add the grated peel
of half an orange and half a lemon and a claret glass of brandy.

Beat eight eggs well and pour over the other ingredients and mix all thoroughly together.

If too still, add a little new milk.

The pudding will hang together better if a handful of flour is scattered amongst the
dry ingredients.

When well mixed let it stand for 12 houors then put into well buttered basins, cover
with buttered kitchen paper cut to fit the top of basin and lastly tie over with a lightly
floured cloth.

Boil for six or seven hours then store in a dry place and boil again for three or four hours
before the pudding is served.

Brandy sauce should be served with Christmas pudding.

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