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And me from Sweden

Clean browser history, cache, cookies, downloads and more with Ccleaner for Chrome
It's never been easier to erase Chrome data. Clear cache, cookies, download and browsing history effectively just with one click. Protect your privacy and delete all activity from your browser with Cleaner for Chrome

-clean browser history, cache, cookies, downloads, website storage and passwords
-clean all your browser data at once or separately
-button for quick access to memory and DNS info in extension menu
-open extension’s folder and incognito tab with a button from menu

Few key features:

+ Instant removal with one-click
+ View, Edit, Backup and Clear Chrome history
+ Clear download history
+ Empty the cache
+ Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data
+ Clear saved passwords
+ Clear saved form data
+ Ability to choose time period

Install the Addon and Read More Here


And me from Sweden
This only cleans your Google Chrome browser, you cannot clean Google's servers, they wouldnt be happy if you could.
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