BBC Question Time bias:

Outrage as just ONE Brexit supporter on panel - ‘Remainerfest’

Fiona Bruce will host a panel of six people this evening, but the BBC has been bombarded on Twitter with accusations for bias, as just one panelist is a Brexiteer. Just the DUP’s Jeffery Donaldson voted Leave in the 2016 referendum. The other five panellists all voted Remain, sparking backlash on social media.

This is absolutely disgusting and happens all the time. The BBC takes no notice of what is being said by the
license fee payer and continues to go it's own biased way

The BBC has repeatedly come under fire for its bias against Brexit, for airing programmes criticising the Brexit debate and the 2016 referendum.
But despite the allegations, the media organisation has maintained that it upholds a balanced approach to its reporting.
As stated in the company’s editorial guidelines, the BBC has insisted that it maintain a “committed to achieving due impartiality in all its output.”

How can you have 5 remainers and 1 brexiteer and call that balanced and impartial


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I don't know if you have noticed, that after the person has asked their question Fiona Bruce, then reads out the question, so she already knows what the question will be before it is asked, that says to me that all the questions are scrutinised, before the BBC allows it to be put. It really is a joke.

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